16 wonderful days in Thailand the country of 1000 smiles.

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16 wonderful days in Thailand the country of 1000 smiles.
This year, in order to extend the offer of charter boats in winter destinations, Ocean Dreams Charter has visited Thailand, sailing the Andaman Sea and the Gulf of Thailand
Day 1-2-3 Our adventure begins in Bangkok city that can not be ignored in a trip through Thailand, we recommend at least spend three days and visit the coloured markets like Damoen Sadwak the floating market, Mae Klong the market on the train tracks and the flower market located very close to Chinatown in the heart of Bangkok.
Of course a must is a visit to the temples such as Wat Traimit the Golden Buddha, What Pho the reclining Buddha and the famous emerald Buddha Wat Phra Kaew.
As we are boats lovers , we also recommend a dinner on the Chao Phraya River and a ride on a long tail boat typical boat through the canals of Asian Venice.
In Bangkok we chose the Chatrium Riverside hotel, a great 5 star hotel with a pool and views of the Chao Phraya river, very good food and an incredible price of 98 Euros a night, that only happens in Thailand!  We also recommend Mundo Nomada agency for the excursions.
After 3 days of cultural visits in this vibrant contrast city, we headed to Phuket to start our charter in Thailand aboard a 60-foot catamaran, a 7-days trip on a catamaran by the Andaman Sea. So we dedicated the Day 4 in traveling from Bangkok to Phuket for 50 Euros with Air Asia and chose the Westin Siray Bay hotel, fantastic suite of 60 M2 with incredible views again at an unbeatable price 100 Euros
There is no better way to visit a country riddled with islands and incredible seabed than to do it from a yacht charter in Thailand.
The Andaman Sea is a sector of the Indian Ocean located southeast of the Bay of Bengal, south of Burma, west of Thailand and east of the Andaman Islands, from which it gets its name.
Day 4– Most of the yachts for charter  are in Phuket Marina Yacht Haven or Boat Lagoon Marina, both modern and well equipped marinas where you can relax and enjoy a good meal while you wait to embark.
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Once on board our crew, Dodo the captain, Phi the cook and Winni the sailor receive us with coconut juice and fresh fruit and we leave for our first island to spend the night, we are in Koh Naka Yaï our first anchoring in the national park from Ao Phang Nga.
The landscape is simply wonderful and short of breath. Large rocks emerging from the ocean and surrounded by deep green waters and luge forest just keep you stunned!
Day 5– After an healthy breakfast aboard our catamaran, our next anchorage is Koh Hong which houses an inland lake full of tropical fishes and surrounded  by cliffs over 100 meters high, Winni takes us through the jungle to a small beach where there is no sign of tourists, the feeling is total freedom and you can hear the monkeys riding in the treetops.
One hour of navigation takes us to Koh Phing Kan better known as James Bond Island, it is perfectly recognized the python coming out of the water in the middle of a beach with crystalline waters and local craft stalls, but very crowded with tourists, calls the attention to think that when the film was shot it must be an island totally deserted but due to its fame it is no longer the case. Next visit in Koh Pan Yi where we access in long tail boat, contrasts with the previous island as we found traditional Thailand. Koh Pan Yi is a village of stilt houses habited by a hundred fishermen families, reigns tranquillity and quiet typical of other times and you can observe traditional life.
The sunset gives us a magnificent postcard with traditional boats in the backdrop it is time to enjoy an excellent Thai dinner aboard our boat composed of Laab Kai Thai style chicken salad, Tom Kah Gai soup made with milk from Coconut and Curry Massaman of seafood, delicious is little, tastes like glory.
Day 6– We are in the estuary of Ao Thalin and anchor for a morning of snorkelling in Koh Yang, the seabed is wonderful, at shallow depth with a very good visibility we observe the corals of all kinds and colours, they are alive which is unfortunately increasingly less frequent due to global warming, tropical fish such as parrotfish, clown fish, blue starfish, mauves, yellow, an explosion of colour and life. Lunch on board enjoying the scenery, another swim and we chose to go ashore to enjoy the terrestrial pleasures offered by a beachfront hotel with great cocktails and a beautiful infinity pool, a bit of relaxation before heading to the islands of Pakhbia , we arrived at night so we did not imagine what was waiting for us in the morning.

Day 7- It is 7 o’clock in the morning and when I open one eye and look out the window, I find out that we have anchored in Koh Hong East, I think if I saw these landscapes every morning I would even like to get up early … Koh Hong East has an inner lagoon of crystalline waters where hundreds of fish are appreciated and is surrounded by cliffs of more than 200 meters high.
The jungle and the monkeys habit the rocks, a long stretch of white sand surrounds the island while from an emerald and turquoise sea shines, the beach abounds with street food but cooked on board the long tails and the town hosts quantity of local food, bars and craft shops and beachwear.
The afternoon runs on a trek in the jungle always so close in Thailand but this time on the backs of elephants followed by a sumptuous Thai massage well deserved and a walk in the lively Krabi. We return in dinghy to our catamaran and enjoy like every afternoon the magnificent sunsets over the Andaman Sea.

Day 8– To the islands of Koh Phi Phi, the landscape is still amazing. Never get tired of this mixture of rocks poking into the sea, these islets with amazing jungle and turquoise water with shades of green, what to say of the 1000 fishes and I almost forgot to mention the fruits that grow in any corner like, mango, pineapple, papaya, coconuts, rambutan so juicy and fresh, the orchids also grow alone in every corner.
We tried to anchor in Maya Bay the famous beach of the movie “The Beach” with Di Caprio, but impossible mission is absolutely invaded by tourists, diving boats, speedboats, long tails, a shame, but our captain is very knowledgeable about the area, takes us to a deserted island where we snorkel, apart from the above mentioned fish we found several marine snakes, very cute … only we did not know that they are the most poisonous in the world … they are called “Laticauda Colubrina”
We disembark at night in Koh Phi Phi Don, hustle and bustle of the island where you can spend a moment of leisure but in no case stay, too many people after so much peace, we return to our ship enchanted.
Day 9 – It’s the last day and we head to Koh Kai Nai small white sand islet with many corals and marine life, we see a stingray and even a group of 10 dolphins playing around the boat, wonderful Thailand, it’s time to eat again pampered by PHI and we have to go to Phuket,   3 hours of navigation, last bath before anchoring and disembarking the next morning.
The days flew by and we were left with many images in the retina, lovely people and a really interesting trip very close to the concept of paradise. Hidden  on an emerald sea and surrounded by jungle vegetation and white sand beaches.
Thanks to our crew for caring and loving us so much, we will miss them.
Day 10 – We have to leave the boat  at 9h00 in Marina Yacht Haven and our next point is Koh Samui, located in the Gulf of Thailand, only one hour by plane from Phuket, the arrival in Koh Samui surprises us even more, the sea is impressive, the island very calm and very European standards, we take a Ferry with stop in Koh Pha Ngan, it is pending destination  in a next trip and we arrived at our last destination, Koh Tao, the trip in Ferry lasts 2 hours before … arrival to paradise .
Day – 11-12-13-14-15 –
Koh Tao is a small island in the Gulf of Thailand where you can only arrive by boat, define it as beauty without limits, This island of Thailand has wonderful landscapes, beautiful beaches and hidden bays that together with its stunning sunsets will leave you with the mouth open. It is a small refuge to recover and rest during your trip to Thailand, we all come well a few days of relaxation after visiting the chaotic Bangkok. We went diving because it is one of the places considered a mecca of diving, but it is easily accessible from Koh Samui and you can rent a yacht or rent a catamaran to enjoy this wonderful Thai island.
In Koh Tao we choose to stay at Koh Tao Eights Pool Villa specifically the Villa infinity that takes its name very well for the views of the bay to infinity.
Day 16 – The fateful day of starting the return has arrived but not before enjoying a Spa with natural pools in Koh Samui, Tamarind Spring Forrest & Spa, perfect to spend the day waiting for your plane.
From Ocean Dreams Charter all the destinations and boats that we offer we know them personally, that allows us to offer yachts in charter, boats and catamarans in charter with all the confidence and security.

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