About us

OCEANDREAMS Charter & Brokerage is a company focused to offer unparalleled services to an international clientele. Assisted by a versatile multi-lingual team, we brings close to 15 years hands-on yachting experience to help run each yacht on charter or brokerage, safely and efficiently. We are available 7/7 in our charter bases in Mallorca and St. Martin, and representatives in La Paz - Baja California (Mexico), Monbasa (Kenia), Mahé (Seychelles), Raiatea ( French Polinesia) and Phuket (Thailand) in order to provide the essential support that makes the whole yachting experience a success.
Our founders, Beatrice LAFAILLE and Georges SEOANE,  have a long succesfull track record, in the business since 1991, more than 100 boats sold and more than 250 charters worldwide,  gave us a lot of satisfied customers from worldwide, most of them excellent friends today , what we have with us every year in their holidays. Without them, our proven track record providing superb sailing and yachting experiences, it wouldn’t be possible. The secret is work with passion in order to bring the best of ourselves, taking care in all details for your peace of mind and uninterrupted pleasure. From fun and affordable sailing holidays to prestigious luxury charters, we tailor proposals to help you secure the ideal option for your budget.
The OCEANDREAMS Charter is deployed worldwide in the most reputedly locations and also in hidden and secrets paradises.
“On twenty years time, you will miss the Dreams you should have reach, more than the Dreams you reached. Loose moorings, stay away of monotony, catch favorable winds in your sails, Explore, Discover, Dream….”
The ODC Team